Your mental health journey starts here

You are here, already heading in the right direction. Now let our psychologists help you discover a way forward. This is how it works.

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1. Download the app

Download the app and log in with BankID. You will get to answer some questions about your current state of mind.

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2. Book a video session

Choose a psychologist and a time that suits you. Pay with credit card, free card or by using a code.


3. Connect to the call

When it’s time for your session, log in to your account in the app to connect to the video call. In your first session, the psychologist will make an assessment to find out if Mindler is the right treatment option for you.


4. What happens next?

If Mindler is the right option for you, you and your psychologist will together create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Between sessions, your journey will continue in the app. Read and carry out exercises to learn about your problems and how to handle, change or accept them. This is a vital part of your treatment – but don’t worry, your psychologist will guide you through everything you need to know.


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Appointment & treatment

Your first appointment at Mindler will be an assessment. You will get the chance to tell your psychologist what you need help with and your psychologist will make an assessment of whether Mindler is right for you. If you choose to proceed with a treatment, the psychologist suggests a treatment method and explains how it works.

When you’re in treatment with Mindler, you work with iCBT programs in the app (iCBT = internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy). We offer a range of programs tailored to address various psychological difficulties, such as anxiety, depression or self-esteem issues. You’ll learn more about your difficulties and do exercises to find strategies and tools that can help you.