What is Mindler?

Mindler is Sweden’s leading digital psychology provider. On this page, you can read about our vision and how we started.

Why did we start Mindler?

“We started Mindler with the vision that everyone should have the same opportunity for professional psychological care”

The idea behind Mindler is to make the mental healthcare more equal. 1/3 of the country’s health centers do not have access to psychologists and in many parts of the country it is not possible to get help within reasonable time frames. Today you can get professional help within 24 hours, no matter where you are via Mindler.

250 +

We have over 250 employed psychologist. Together they speak over 20 different languages.

200 000 +

More than 200 000 digital session have been held in our app.


We operate in 4 different countries.

Rickard Lagerqvist – CEO and CO-founder

Rickard Lagerqvist is a doctor but has in recent years worked as an entrepreneur. Before Rickard founded Mindler, he started the blood sampling service Werlabs and the care staffing company Colivia.

What is your vision with Mindler?
We want to make the best possible care for mental illness available to the whole world and get more people to seek help for their problems. One of Mindler’s ambitions has always been to break down the stigmas associated with mental illness. I am happy when it is considered as obvious to see a psychologist as it is to go to your doctor.

What corporate culture do you strive for?
We work every day to become the best employer for psychologists. Working as a psychologist at Mindler is a modern way of working. We offer, among other things, a six-hour working day, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from abroad.

A digital healthcare provider that has been saving lives since 2018

Mindler is a digital health care provider that has been saving lives since 2018. We started Mindler with the vision that everyone should have the opportunity to meet a psychologist on equal terms; regardless of where you live or what financial conditions you have. Today, over %% GLOBAL_PSY_AMOUNT_SWEDEN %% licensed psychologists work with us and since the start, we have helped thousands of people get a professional contact, completely without waiting times and at the usual patient fee. Today we are Sweden’s largest digital psychologist clinic.

“We strive for equal and fair care for mental illness”

44 percent of all sick leave in Sweden is due to mental illness. In total, this costs our society between 77 to 100 billion SEK every year – but despite the fact that almost a third of the primary care visits concern mental illness, only three to four percent are allowed to see a psychologist for assessment and treatment according to national and international guidelines. In addition, a third of the country’s health centers do not have a psychologist at all. This means that wherever in the country you live will decide if you can see a psychologist. We have changed this.

We are a digital service through which you who experience mental health problems can quickly and easily book a videomeeting with a licensed psychologist from home, through your smartphone or tablet. Your digital visit with a psychologist includes assessment, investigation and treatment of mental illness on your terms. We guarantee a time with a psychologist within 24 hours, it always costs 100 kronors and if you have a free card it is free of charge.

Professional help in combination with digital technology is our model for being able to give people the best possible help in mental illness.