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  • 100 sek per session
  • Over 20 different languages
  • Short waiting times
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We have over 250 psychologist. Together they speak over 20 different languages.


We guarantee that you will get a time within 24 hours.


In our app you will find a wide range of self-help programmes.

We are part of the public healthcare system

Anyone who is a resident of Sweden and has a personal identification number can use Mindler. Book a session today and speak with a psychologist within 24 hours.

Therapy in your native language

We have over 250 employed psychologist. Together they speak over 20 different languages. Find one that can help you in your native language.

Meet a psychologist quickly, easily and securely

Meeting a psychologist online with Mindler is an option for you if you’re unable to or do not want to meet a psychologist at a clinic. With us, you avoid the waiting times that patients often face at health centres and you also have the opportunity to choose which psychologist you want to talk to.