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Mindler uses cookies to offer you a better user experience. Cookies is a text file that is sent from a web site to a browser. There are two different kind of cookies. One is called session cookie, and is sent to your device to make the web site work properly. This cookie is not stored, and is discarded once you quit your browser. The other is a so called permanent cookie, and this is stored to make it possible for the web site to recognize your IP-address and your browser next time you access the site.

On this web service we use both session cookies and permanent cookies. The information stored is used to analyze user behavior and to target advertising. On this site we collect cookie data that we share with marketing platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Google. To read more about how it works, please visit the support information on Facebook and Google, where the usage of the information is explained in detail.

Most browsers have a standard setting that admits storage of cookies. If you want to turn the storing of cookies off, it’s an option in your browser settings. Please note that de-activation of cookies might limit the use of certain functionality on this web site. Below you can make an active choice on what cookies you would like to share with us. 

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