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How does Mindler process personal data?

  • What is personal data?
    • When you use Mindler’s service, personal data and contact details such as your name, personal identity number, e-mail address and mobile phone number are collected and processed.
    • When you use Mindler, you will also share information about your physical and mental health, verbally or in writing, e.g. by filling in a questionnaire.
    • Payment information also constitutes personal data and includes information such as credit card and/or cost exemption card details.
    • In addition to this information, personal data also includes information of a technical nature, e.g., device information, IP address and when you used Mindler’s service. Sounds and images are never saved.
  • How is my personal data used?
    • We collect personal data on you to enable us to provide you with treatment of the highest quality at all times. For example, you are required to confirm your identity using your BankID when you use Mindler.
    • Your personal data and contact details are used to enable you to be sent messages and notices such as reminders, booking confirmations or receipts.
    • Your personal data, including information about your health, is necessary to prevent, investigate and treat any disease or illness and will be used to keep patient records and draw up other documentation to meet all the requirements under the Patient Data Act and other applicable laws such as the GDPR.
    • Only persons who provide you with care or who are engaged in quality and product development may access your data.
  • How long is the personal data stored?
    • Information about your health is saved in accordance with current patient data legislation.
    • Data which is not directly related to your health and treatment is only saved if it is required to enable you to be offered the service.
  • Will my personal data be sent outside the EU?
    • Your personal data will not be transferred to any country outside the EU/EEA without your express consent.
  • Can I have my personal data erased?
    • In accordance with the Patient Data Act, information relating to your health and treatment is classified as data that is not covered by the right to be “forgotten” or to have personal data erased or blocked.
    • You have a right to have other personal data and contact details (non-medical information) erased. Please contact Mindler by e-mail privacy@mindler.se and your data will be erased within 30 days. You will receive confirmation of what was erased and when it was done.
  • How can I get more information about
    Mindler’s personal data processing?

    • You can contact us at any time with questions about privacy and data processing at privacy@mindler.se
    • Your rights are described in detail in Mindler’s Personal Data Policy, which you will find here.
    • Mattias Grundström is Data Protection Officer (DPO), contact: mindler@happydpo.se